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Re: [Xen-users] RE: domU lvm and resizing

Quoting John S Little <JSLittl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>: 
> After reading some horror stories about reiserfs/dom0 on top of  
> reiserfs/domU I opted for reiserfs in dom0 but ext3 in domU.  Whether  
> there is in fact a problem I don't know but I don't want to find out on a  
> production machine. 
I've heard those stories too.  I think it happens when you run reiserfsck on a 
reiser volumes that contains other reiser volumes as disk images.  shouldn't 
happen with LVM, because then each volume stands on its own, not one inside 
the other. 
I'd like to reproduce the destruction; definitely should be reported to 
namesys as a bug in reiserfsck.  apparently it's because sometimes it'll try 
to search for superblocks or other disk structures and find the 'inner' 
volume's structs and tries to apply them to the 'outer' volume. Bad mojo, 

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