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[Xen-users] RE: domU lvm and resizing

Javier and all,

First I want to thank all of you for your input.  It helped me and will 
help others I'm sure.

Because of the lack of detail (my bad!) it has caused some confusion.

> On Saturday 11 March 2006 3:26 pm, Christopher G. Stach II wrote:
> > Fraser Campbell wrote:
> > > Definitely do not resize the filesystem from dom0 while the domU is
> > > running, I expect that may give the appearance of working but it 
> > > likely corrupt your filesystem.

This was my first mistake.  I tried to do it with domU live.

> >
> > Every time I've resized an LV inside of the dom0, the domU doesn't 
> > up the new size until a reboot.  Then resize2fs works just fine.  I've
> > never had any corruption with resizing an LV with a domU running.
> Fraser advice it correct, do not resize the *filesistem* from dom0 while 
> is running.  resizing the *volume* is ok.  it's important to 
> the two resizing steps.
> i think John's original problem was that he did lvresize to resize 
> the volume, 
> but didn't resize the filesystem.

Actually I did but doing it live created the problem.

>  later he used resize2fs, but SuSE systems 
> use mostly reiser, so he should've used resize_reiserfs.

After reading some horror stories about reiserfs/dom0 on top of 
reiserfs/domU I opted for reiserfs in dom0 but ext3 in domU.  Whether 
there is in fact a problem I don't know but I don't want to find out on a 
production machine.

> the first step (volume resizing, with lvresize) is usually done from 

did this

> (since domU usually sees a single volume, not the LVM); no harm doing it 

> while domU is running, but it might have to be restarted to pick up the 
> volume size.

did this too but it would not pick up the new size.  After thinking about 
it if you have to reboot it you might as well shut it down for resize and 
avoid any possibility of corruption.

>  (there should be a xend command to make it reread the new size 
> and propagate it to the domU)
> the second step (filesystem resizing, with resize2fs, resize_reiserfs, 
> can either be done from the running domU (if the filesystem supports 
> resizing), or from dom0, with domU stopped (even with the most 
> filesystem!!)

I did this from dom0.  The first time with domU running which did not 
work.  I then tried it with dom0 halted which work well.


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