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Re: [Xen-users] Apple iMac / Mac Mini Core Duo, OS X under Xen?

Erik Dykema schrieb:

    Is anyone trying Xen on the intel iMac or Mac Mini machines, with
hardware virtualization?
    There has been lots of speculation on the blogs & etc., that it
will be possible to run Linux w/ Xen as the dom0, and then Windows XP
and OS X on top of it, but no one seems to be talking about it on this
list.  Has anyone tried it?


I have not tried and will not (see below), but if you want to this could be way to go:

1. Get Linux to boot with EFI on the Mac
2. Make xen do the same
3. Get hands on a development version of MacOS X/Intel and follow maxxuss' explanations to get it running inside a domU (maxuss.hotbox.ru or something like that). This is the illegal part, by the way.

I thought about that quite some time and decided not to try. If you have a Mac, you want MacOS X to use the builtin graphics and other hardware (which is impossible in a domU). Running OS X inside a domU is interesting for MacOS X hosting, but then you don't use Apple Hardware (because you need all your money for the lawyers fighting off Apples lawyers :-) ).

If you have a Mac/Intel and want to run other OSses in parallel, I would give Qemu a try. If their acceleration module works on OS X /Intel, that is a path to test. You could run Windows and Linux/OpenSolaris/BSD with limited hardware access (you would not try gaming in a domU, would you?) in domUs and have MacOS X make use of the hardware.


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