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Re: [Xen-users] Dummy ethernet device setup


as far as I understand it a dummy device does not transport packets, but accepts them and sends them to /dev/null.

Your setup very much looks like the standard setup: Your dom0 and domUs are connected to a bridge, and Apache (with the IP of dom0) acts as a proxy for the domUs. In the place of the dummy xen automatically sets up a vif.

Is there any special reason why you want a dummy device in your setup?


Philipp Jäggi schrieb:

Hello you all out there

Does anybody know the definite guide to create a dummy ethernet device?

So, what I want to have is an ethernet device, without a physical link, or so called a dummy device. My goal is to have apache with mod_proxy and balancer running on peth0 in dom0. Apache is spreading my connection to the backend domU's, where the webservices are running. The connection between the dom's should go on dom0 over the dummy interface and they are all connected over a bridge. Hope the following ascii-art explains it a little bit better:

|               peth0                   |
|               DOM0                    |
|                                       |
|               tun0 (dummy dev)        |
|                xenbr1                 |
|----------------------------------------------------------     |
|       eth0    |       eth0            |
|       domU    |       domU            |
| _____________|____________________|

I tried with tun to setup the stuff, but I've got several problems. I search a lot in the internet, but I didn't find a good documentation. So my question is, how to setup cleanly such a dummy device. Any help or link to documentation is welcome! Thanks a lot for your help

bye Philipp

Philipp Jäggi
SNCT Sandweiler
bp 23
L-5230 Sandweiler

mailto: philipp [dot] jaeggi [at] snct [dot] lu

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