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Re: [Xen-users] Network monitoring with cacti (SNMP)

I'm using Xen unstable which works very well and I need to graph the network usage with SNMP. Domain0 is SNMP enabled and I can graph any vifD.X device, the problem is when a domainU is restarted the vif device name changes as the SNMP index.

Is there way to keep a static vif name and index, or a static domid between reboots ?


don't know if you got an answer to this, but in the domU config, try something like:

vif = [ 'mac=aa:01:00:01:0b:02, bridge=br0, vifname=hostname.eth0' ]

where hostname is what will be a statically named interface even after reboots of domU or dom0.


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