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[Xen-users] Re: talking about usb, cdrom, cpu and vcpu

nobody has something to say about those questions? :)

hi, i have many questions about my doubts:

i use xen 3.0.0

can i manage usb with domUs? if yes how?

how can i manage cdrom? who and how manage who can access it? dom0?

i didnt find on manuals documentation about cpu... i made some try...
with the conf file of domU i can set one cpu with cpu="n", i tried to do cpu="1-3" but it takes only the 1st... not from one to third... hoc can i do that? then... i cant change the number of vcpus of a domain running, with xm vcpu-set domID #vcpu ... the command seem to work but with xm vcpu-list i dont see my changes...
so i have to reboot the domU changing vcpus="n" for make it change...
xm vcpu-pin domId vcpuID #cpu works great...

any documentations about it?


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