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Re: [Xen-users] Best practice for Dom0

- Does it prefer that i use Dom 0 only for Xen Hypervisor ?

Dom0 doesn't run the hypervisor, it runs *on* the hypervisor; the only difference from other domains is that it's allowed to access your network, disk, graphics devices directly.

But it's good practice not to run unnecessary services in dom0 - put them in domUs instead. Dom0 has root-equivalent privileges on every domU on the machine.

- If yes, how much ram i need to reserv for Dom0  ?

I think 128Meg is solid for a lot of people, but it varies depending on if you're doing RAM-intensive things in dom0.

- Are there a link between amount of ram in Dom0 and number of virtual
machine run on this computer ?

The more RAM you give to dom0, the less RAM is available for other domains. RAM for domUs comes from the host system, not from dom0.


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