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Re: [Xen-users] Best practice for Dom0


I will try less general answers to your very general questions:

Michael Lessard schrieb:

Hi everybody !

I would like to know what are the good practice in Dom0 utilisation  ...

- Does it prefer that i use Dom 0 only for Xen Hypervisor ?
It can e. g. depend on the load you want to place on the domUs and the file system. I am running domUs off LVM devices (with LVM in dom0) and found it to make that more reliable if dom0 does not make much itself AND is dedicated a cpu (on smp servers). That is a load dependent issue. If your domUs are bored altogether or make their cpu share run wild at different times, you might not find any problems with LVM. It especially is a problem when you use the snapshot feature of LVM (which is so handy that I still use it despite those problems).

In general you could say: If your domUs do things that put work on dom0 (like using LVM partitions in my case) you might be better off not to use dom0 for anything else.

- If yes, how much ram i need to reserv for Dom0  ?
I have run dom0 without LVM snapshots with 64 MB of RAM (on Debian Sarge stable with a very basic install). With LVM snapshots they need 256 MB at least.


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