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RE: [Xen-users] XEN vs GSX Server

> I also believe that VMWare is making the new server free because of XEN
> and User mode Linux. I think they believe they can prove that their
> management tools are better and get people to upgrade to their premium
> GSX server to get some enhanced features. 

I was told by an EMC rep that Free server (GSX) was introduced to defuse
microsoft's VM Solution.  They said it sets the street price on High
Overhead VM's to zero.  The more advanced (and Xen like) ESX Server costs
money as well as their management tools.  ESX (much higher overhead than xen
currently) will also support VT in what they say is the near future.  Afaik
Microsoft does not have a low overhead solution for their VM's.. But I would
imagine they will eventually also support VT... If they don't now how long
will it take Bill to move a couple billion into that effort?

> In the long run I believe that
> XEN will win that one. I really hope the XEN developers keep true
> enterprise management in mind AND document the "Control APIs" well so
> that others (maybe like me) can develop software to manage XEN based
> systems without having to pour through all the XEN source to see how
> things work.

I think that in the end Enterprises will go with EMC (just as they do now)
because of the management and control API's and you will see more innovative
solutions coming from people/companies/maybe-small-enterprises who
use/deploy/develop XEN.  To an enterprise "high price" is only really high
if it doesn't support an ROI model.  They look for solutions typically that
are proven.


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