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Re: [Xen-users] XEN vs GSX Server

Well, as much as I would like to run XEN I have been unsuccessful. Apparently the problem I'm having is not all that uncommon as there is discussion of it in the archives, but no solutions so I have had to give up for now. I'm continuing to watch the lists for when XEN matures enough to be a production system. I tried the VMWare server beta and it worked perfectly first time and I have experienced no problems (I have not done much stress testing yet). The management interface is really neat as you can remotely attach to a machine running VMWare server and connect to any of the consoles of the virtual machine. You can even do things like attach to the floppy that's on your workstation running the client and load the OS or any application remotely from there (I did this were I was loading the OS from the CD on my laptop at home to a VM on a machine in the datacenter!)

My personal belief is that in the long run, XEN will be better/faster, but I also don't think it's there yet (though it may already be faster). My plan is to use VMWare and watch XEN closely and some time in the future dump VMWare in favor of XEN.

I also believe that VMWare is making the new server free because of XEN and User mode Linux. I think they believe they can prove that their management tools are better and get people to upgrade to their premium GSX server to get some enhanced features. In the long run I believe that XEN will win that one. I really hope the XEN developers keep true enterprise management in mind AND document the "Control APIs" well so that others (maybe like me) can develop software to manage XEN based systems without having to pour through all the XEN source to see how things work.

Just my thoughts and opinions


Lucas de Souza Santos wrote:


Has anyone compared XEN against (vmware) GSX Server?

My boss wants to use GSX server because he said that it's more stable
and has a good administration interface.

I don't want to use GSX server but I need a very good argument to
convince him.



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Dennis Willson

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