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[Xen-users] Re: question about xen regression test tools


ttcpbw uses a variant of the ttcp+ tool (see

specjbb is SPEC JBB (www.spec.org)

postmark 1.5c is what we use

vm86 is an internal test

We use memtest 0.0.4 but I've disabled it for now as I don't trust it.


Shi, Alex wrote:
> I am very interesting to the xen regression test tools. like memtest, dbench, 
> osdb, etc. etc.
> But I can not find some tools via google. like vm86, ttcpbw, specjbb, and 
> postmark  (just find a postmark-1_5.c file from 
> http://linuxcompressed.sourceforge.net/statistics/)
> and the memtest test suite is very old. it is just 0.0.4 version. 
> So, Anyone like to tell me where I can find them? and share more detailed 
> info of the test result on xenU or VMX domain of these test suites?
> Any hints will be very appreciated!
> Thanks and best regards
> Alex shi

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