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Re: [Xen-users] How can I check Intel VT technology

Hello Robert,

Pentium 4 672 and 662 are also VT enabled. 


(you can find this information in "View Processor Number details"

I'm still waiting for a notebook with a VT CPU. Everybody sais,
that the T2x00 processors are not enabled yet. But (Sorry ... the link 
is very long) 



  I just emailed Xen about this. Here is their reply: 


  I read the blog, and itâs wildly inaccurate. Here are some facts -
  feel free to put them on the blog as followup if youâd like:

  1. Yes, one could run theoretically Win/Tiger on Xen, on a new Intel
  Mac however I personally have yet to see Xen run on the new Macs.
  2. XenSource is not working on this as a product right now, but  
  someone in the Xen community may be.




If you have a look at "/proc/cpuinfo" on a MacBook Pro you will find 
"VMX" and the IBM Thinkpad T60 has a BIOS option to enable VMX ... is
this a fake??? 
Robert wrote:
> Hello All
> I have been lurking on this list for some time...
> I just spoke to Intel about VT enabled chips. Here is the list
> Pentium  Extreme 955
> Pentium D 950, 940, 930, 920
> Xeons are not supported
> regards
> Robert Slater
> www.synaptics.com.au

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