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[Xen-users] Anyone offering Xen "computing on demand" for short contracts (few hours / days of computing time)?

Is anyone out there offering Xen "computing on demand"?

We have a situation here where we need to analyse some very large web
server log files.  For this we need a Debian server where we can
compile our analysis tools, Athlon 64, with a lot of RAM.  But we only
need it for a few hours of computing time.

I'm looking for a reasonably priced commercial service offering where
I can just pull out the company credit card and sign up instantly.
Any such services out there?


Richard Jones, CTO Merjis Ltd.
Merjis - web marketing and technology - http://merjis.com
Team Notepad - intranets and extranets for business - http://team-notepad.com

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