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[Xen-users] xm save fails

Hi all,

Just installed Xen from the base FC5 released on Monday.

It all seems to work great except for "xm save/migrate" which fails with "Unable to get platform info.: 9" at XendCheckpoint:227.

Playing around with it I found that there is a program called xc_save which is called from XendCheckpoint.py and passed in a file handle for the xend session and the target file named on the command line. These handles seem to be closed when xc_save exec's, so subsequent calls into Xen by xc_save fail. I got it to work by adding...

   from fcntl import ioctl;
   FIONCLEX = 0x5450

near the top of XendCheckpoint.py


   ioctl (fd, FIONCLEX, 0)
   ioctl (xc.handle(), FIONCLEX, 0)

at the beginning of forkHelper.

I'm presuming that there are people in the world that this program works for!!! So am I missing a python config item somewhere? Or what am I doing wrong that I need this incantation ?


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