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Re: [Xen-users] para- and full-virtualization on same system?

Mark wrote:
These would need to run in an HVM (full virt) domain, since OpenBSD doesn't have support for Xen. I'm not sure it's as well tested as Linux / Windows under HVM, though,

Yikes! Do the fully-virtualized OSs need to be "well tested" - I thought the idea was that the OS would just work...or do you mean that the OS may not recognize some of the devices being provided by the virtual machine?

Just 64-on-64 for now - for paravirt domains, the guest interface must match the hypervisor. A compatability layer *may* appear at some point, but it's
not there yet.

I know that there are many optimizations yet to be made, but given current implementations, is there any performance comparisons between running a 32-bit xen-aware OS para-virtualized versus full-virtualized? For instance, its been said that a para-virtualized guest OS may be 3% slower than normal - how much slower would the same guest be if running fully-virtualized?


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