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[Xen-users] Intel VT-x resources & supported processors

Folks --

I'm trying to upgrade my home computer systems and wanted to do so with Intel processors that support VT-x. I've been looking all over the Intel web site for a list of specific processors that support VT- x and have found the following resources. I will doubtless post this all to the Xen wiki at some point, but I thought I'd start with an e- mail. Please reply with follow-up e-mail for corrections and clarifications.

First, here's Intel's Virtualization Technology Specification for the IA-32 Intel Architecture (which includes IA-32 with EM64T):


Intel's Software Developer FAQ: Intel Virtualization Technology


Intel's Virtualization Resource Center:


Intel's Virtualization White Paper:


Interestingly, here's the XenSource Inside Xen 3.0 White Paper:

http://www.intel.com/business/bss/products/server/ xen_virtualization_wp.pdf

Intel processors that support virtualization in hardware:

1) Pentium D 900 series (not the 800 series)


2) Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 955 and 965 (not 840)


That's all that I could find on the Intel web site that specified support for VT. Please add to this list with updates.

-- Randy

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