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Re: [Xen-users] Domain context switch time

sriram govindan wrote:

When a network interrupt comes to the hyperviser, is it possible to find the domain the packet is intended to? (in the hyperviser itself, that is to read the destination IP address of the packet)

Doing this would violate the simple design of the hypervisor which currently doesn't have device drivers of this sort (really, of any sort ;-).

However, users always demand more performance out of their existing hardware and such architectural violations are not uncommon. Because Xen is open source, it is certainly the case that you or someone could add such support into the Xen source code. And, because of the GPL you (or they) would be required to make their source available (i.e., it's illegal to benefit privately) even if the modification were not accepted into the Xen source tree.

One of the problems with injecting enough device smarts into Xen to perform this operation is that it's one more moving part that could contain a bug and take down the entire system. Personally, I'm in favor of the slower, more reliable Xen than the faster, less reliable version. :-)

-- Randy

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