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Re: [Xen-users] Single core - dual core - dual cpu ?

John Nowak wrote:

What would you recommend for xen host server?

Does xen use advatages of dual core / dual cpu?

Whats your recomendations?

All based on what your requirements and monetary limitations are.

If you're building a system for home, I recommend the low-end Core Duo processor which sports dual processors that Xen will happily take advantage of.

If you're building a system for work with no budgetary constraints, I'd recommend the Pentium Extreme 965 which sports 4 logical processors. Couple that with 8GB of DDR2 PC5300 memory and you'll have a hot little box that will comfortably run a handful of operating systems with ease.

The language we use at work when talking about processor counts, by the way, is sockets, chips, and cores. Sockets refers to the physical receptacle for a chip. I.e., a motherboard has a number of sockets. In each socket is placed a chip. Chips have a number of cores. So, with dual core chips you would have two cores per socket. Then, you might state that a motherboard has dual socket support. And if you can put dual core chips in each of two sockets, you'd have a four core or four way machine. And, if each of those cores supports hyperthreading (as in the case of the Pentium Extreme Edition 955 & 965), you'd have effectively an 8 way machine (but still just a 4 core system).

Whew!  :-)

And, yes, Xen will gladly utilize all of the available CPU resources.

What was it you wanted out of all of this?  ;-)

-- Randy

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