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Re: [Xen-users] Single core - dual core - dual cpu ?

> What would you recommend for xen host server?
> Does xen use advatages of dual core / dual cpu?

Xen is SMP-capable, so are guest OSes.  So multiple CPUs will work fine.

> Whats your recomendations?

Multiple CPUs give you more raw horsepower.

If you give domain 0 a CPU of its own it'll maximise CPU performance, but it's 
not actually necessary to do so unless your IO load is very high (e.g. high 
rate small network packets on GigE)

Hyperthreading improves IO performance on a single CPU box (and possibly for 
domains sharing a CPU with dom0 in an SMP box - I've never checked) because 
it allows dom0 to run concurrently with the domUs its servicing.

For many workloads you'll probably find IO not a big issue anyhow.


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