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Re: [Xen-users] Compile error.

Hai Dolf,

just cd into the Dom0 directory and do a "make menuconfig ARCH=xen".
Then add Your NIC's and other hardware as required.
When finished, cd bach to Your Xen install directory and do a make.


Am Dienstag, 28. März 2006 00:08 schrieb Dolf Schimmel:
> Hi,
> I tried already many times to install xen, by using the source or a
> debian package (I use debian 3.1). It fails continuously, which means,
> I do not have any NIC drivers/modules loaded, so I can do any
> networking.
> Now, I thought I saw the solution yesterday-night. During the
> compilation of xen, the linux kernel source is downloaded, and
> compiled as well. During the process of compiling the linux source,
> some questions are asked. These ones are automatically answered by the
> machine, and there is at that very moment no possibility to interfere.
> No that doesn't matter so much, the only problem is that one of the
> questions is "give support for 10/100mb networkcards?". Does anybody
> know how I can add network functionality to xen?
> Regards,
> Dolf Schimmel
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