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[Xen-users] Network errors, but only with sftp


I'm using xen-unstable from 28th March, running on top of a Centos 4.3 system.
All seems to work well except for one strange networking error.

In my DomUs, all of my networking works except for sftp.

I can wget http://www.google.com and get an HTML page back. I can ping, and I can ssh to any host I like. But if I try and sftp to any host, I get an error:

socketpair: Address family not supported by protocol

This seems strange to me because I thought sftp was using the same protocols as ssh, so I can't see why one works and one doesn't. There's nothing in the logs. The only clue I get is sometimes when booting the DomU I get the same" Address family not supported by protocol" error when the interfaces are being brought up.

Any pointers as to where to look appreciated,



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