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[Xen-users] DNAT TCP checksum error

Hi all,

I'm running xen on gentoo since few months without problems. I recently installed shorewall (firewall) on domU. This domain has 3 network interfaces. One (eth1) is connected to internet through a cable modem. other are dmz (eth2) and internal network (eth0). I configured shorewall to accept and nat http connections from net zone (internet) to my smtp gateway in DMZ. These kind of connections doesn't work with xen. I ran ethereal on my laptop which simulated http requests from eth1 subnet and I found that tcp packets (replies) sent by the firewall have checksums errors.

Then I checked in bugzilla and found a patch for a similar bug(447). Source code seems to be correct regarding this patch. The linux kernel is : linux, xen version 3.0.1, gentoo package : xen-sources- (02 Mar 2006)

Any ideas ?






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