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Re: [Xen-users] DNAT TCP checksum error

Some of us on the devel list have been talking about this very behaviour.  The 
patch that you are
referencing works very well (at least for me). If that patch wont apply on its 
own, it is trivial
to edit the file by hand since you are only replacing a single line. Good luck!

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On Fri, 31 Mar 2006, jean-luc.voisin wrote:

Hi all,
I'm running xen on gentoo since few months without problems. I recently 
installed shorewall (firewall) on domU. This domain has 3 network interfaces. 
One (eth1) is connected to internet through a cable modem. other are dmz (eth2) 
and internal network (eth0). I configured shorewall to accept and nat http 
connections from net zone (internet) to my smtp gateway in DMZ. These kind of 
connections doesn't work with xen. I ran ethereal on my laptop which simulated 
http requests from eth1 subnet and I found that tcp packets (replies) sent by 
the firewall have checksums errors.
Then I checked in bugzilla and found a patch for a similar bug(447). Source 
code seems to be correct regarding this patch. The linux kernel is : linux, xen version 3.0.1, gentoo package : xen-sources- (02 Mar 

Any ideas ?

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