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Re: [Xen-users] routing in xen 3.0 domU: icmp gets routed, but tcp/ip only partially


> I have a really strange routing problem
from my experience, most of the "ICMP works but TCP seems connected and no
data gets through" problems in routed xen3 setups are due to the
cheksum-offloading featue. See my post on the devel list:
for a patch for the Dom0 kernel which disables this. Search for offloading
for more information :) The basic problem: the intention was to save
CPU power by not calculating checksums on internal interfaces (as there 
won't be any transmission errors there anyway :) and let the real NIC add
this on the way out (modern NICs have HW accelleration for that).
Unfortunately this doesn't work out in all cases currently.

> In all these cases I get connected, but no output;
To see if you've really got the checksum problem use tcpdump -vv in the
Domain not receiving data. For example:
tcpdump -vv -n -i eth0 
and then transfer some tcp or udp data to it. If you see something like
 [bad udp cksum f566!]
and it looks like the host didn't receive the packet (no answer, gets in again
and again), you might well have hit the checksum offloading problem.

> Help me, Obi-Wan Xenobi; you're my only hope.
Tried my best :)

(:ul8er, r@y

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