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Re: [Xen-users] routing in xen 3.0 domU: icmp gets routed, but tcp/ip only partially

Quoting Florian Kirstein <xenlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I have a really strange routing problem
from my experience, most of the "ICMP works but TCP seems connected and no data gets through" problems in routed xen3 setups are due to thecheksum-offloading featue. [snip]

To see if you've really got the checksum problem use tcpdump -vv in the > Domain not receiving data. For example: tcpdump -vv -n -i eth0 and then transfer some tcp or udp data to it. If you see something like [bad udp cksum f566!]

I get "cksum 0x7fe9 (incorrect (-> 0x3470)", so it looks like
the checksum offloading problem you described.

Applied the patch, installed the new dom0 kernel (and new domU
for good measure) and now routing works fine!

May I suggest The Powers That Be to include this patch in the
upcoming 3.0.2 release? First make it work, _then_ make it fast ;-)

Many thanks, Peter

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