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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with power down

> > Does it work if you hold down the power button? I'd expect that
> > holding it for a few seconds would poweroff the machine.
> This, indeed, does work. Thanks!

The button usually gets handled by the OS on ACPI-aware systems.  So pushing 
it is probably sending an "power button got pushed" event that Xen doesn't 
(yet) know how to handle.  Holding the button on these systems generally 
overrides this and directly powers down the system.

You can see this under Windows / Linux: push your power button once for a 
clean shutdown.  But if the system crashes it won't work because the kernel 
is unable to handle the button event.  Holding the power button in this case 
will also force a poweroff because "push and hold" is handled by the 
motherboard circuitry directly.

> > Power management stuff will probably be looked at at some stage, but
> > it's not been a priority so far.
> So there's no benefit in compiling (and using) the ACPI modules
> for your dom0 kernel?

Uhhh, I'm not an expert on Xen's ACPI support.  ACPI tables do get parsed by 
dom0, and it does use them for various things (setting up the PCI devices, 
etc).  It may even support things like weirdo laptop "special buttons", lid 
close events, etc.

But poweroff is a function that may need to be handled (at least partially) by 
Xen, so it's not built in yet.


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