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Re: [Xen-users] pcibackend

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 14:53 -0500, Jason wrote:
> I am trying to export a PCMCIA bridge (a ricoh on a PCI card) and don't seem 
> to be able to. I get a message about xenlinux
> being unable to export a device whos type isn't normal or 0. Can anyone shed 
> some light on this ?   Im struggling to get an
> accesspoint up and running in a DomU and was going to try hostap on a prism2 
> PCMCIA card since all the atheros mad-wifi drivers
> just seem to get me stuck in that dreaded "stuck beacon" problem.

Hi Jason,

The PCI Backend does not currently support exporting a PCI bridge device
(or a Cardbus bridge). There is some code in there for it, but it is not
yet complete. Another problem that you may have is that there is not yet
a way to notify the frontend (in your driver domain) that a device has
been added or removed (i.e. hotplug is not supported yet).
Unfortunately, I don't think I can offer you much help in getting this
working as I've not yet tested the code myself with any pcmcia or
cardbus devices.


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