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Re: [Xen-users] Bonding not working with network-bridge

>>> On Thu, Apr 6, 2006 at  4:02 PM, in message <44359007.1000007@xxxxxxxxx>,
"Christopher G. Stach II" <cgs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Kirk Allan wrote:
>> I did a packet trace on dom0 and could see the arps going out from domU
>> and the responses coming back but domU couldn't see them.   If I just
>> left the ping going, sometimes after a minute or two, the ping would
>> start working in domU.  If I stopped the ping and let the domU sit idle
>> for a while, starting the pings up again would fail.
>> Another way I could get the pings working was to unplug the cable from
>> one of the enslaved interfaces.  Starting the ping in domU would then
>> work.  I could then plug the cable back in and the ping would continued.
>> It seems like I'm almost there, but I'm still missing something.
> Are you getting checksum errors on your packets, too? :)

There are no checksum errors when the pings are working.  

One thing I noticed, when the ping originates from domU, the arp makes it to 
the destination, the destination responds, dom0 can see the arp, but it never 
makes it back to domU.  However, if the external box starts the ping, the arp 
gets to dom0, gets bridged to domU, domU replies to the arp, the external box 
receives the arp response, and successful pings continue.  But as soon as the 
arp entry in domU gets removed/times out, new pings from domU fail again.


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