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Re: [Xen-users] Hooray to 3.0.2

Am Samstag 08 April 2006 20:37 schrieb Steffen Heil:
> And last but not least a warning: Maybe what I did was completely nonsense,
> since I am very new to kernel compilation, however I tried most of the time
> to load my .config inside the menuconfig of 2.6.15. That worked so
> far that it got the configuration somehow right. But the buildprocess
> always failed later! Took me about two days work...

Try an make oldconfig before doing the make menuconfig next time around. make 
oldconfig will adapt the .config file for the new kernel by removing stale 
symbols, and asking you when new symbols were added.

I presume 2.6.12->16 would be somewhat of a pain here (because quite a lot 
changed between these kernel versions), but 2.6.15->16 works beautifully, for 
example, only asking you for the new netfilter infrastructure.

Try it next time.

--- Heiko.

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