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[Xen-users] ping times and packet losses

Hi folks,

we do have a phenomenon that is not easy to get a hold onto. We are running Debian Sarge stable domUs and NetBSD domUs on Debian Sarge stable dom0. Xen is 2.07, compiled from the sources (with only slight modifications for using more of iptables).

Our domUs experience extreme slow downs in network connectivitiy once or twice a day. That means: ping times go up to 1.200 ms (to hosts on the same subnet), ping times to hosts on the internet even much higher. In most cases there is no packet loss, but even that can occur.

The domUs do not experience that all at the same time and not all at the same rate (occurences/day). There seems to be no coincidence with hardware issues or load (the physical machine is using 4-9 % cpu on the average with just one peak a day; the occurences are not related to this peak).

So the question is:

1. Is the packet loss problem still an issue with Xen 2.0.7?
2. Is there a (maybe related) issue with prolongued ping times?
3. If 1 or 2 is yes, can the developpers please comment on the state of bug fixing here?

Thanks for any input.


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