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[Xen-users] New to list & network-questions

Hi to everybody,

I'm new to this mailing-list, so correct me, if I'll make any mistakes :D

The problem I have since 3 months now is the networking with XEN 3.0.1:
I run a debian (originally a kernel 2.6.8), but I looked and searched much in the www, so i got the right one compiled. (Not as hard as you may think now :D ) Now I'm running a dom0 and a domU. In domU I want to run servers (e.g. webserver, mailserver, aso.) so I have to forward the expected ports. With XEN 2.0.7 no problem :D So I installed/compiled XEN 3 and I looked at the ifconfig-table. I was scared, terrible scared :D
So my actually configuration is the following:
(The server is a rent rootserver.)
-> DHCP-address to the main-eth-adapter (given by provider)
-> static-intranet-IP-address for the xenbr0 (x.y.z.1) (ifconfig from dom0)
-> static-intranet-IP-address for eth0 (x.y.z.100) (ifconfig from domU)
-> iptables-forwarding with terrible complex rules.
Its working, but I think its very suboptimal. Further the memory of dom0 is falling an falling. And the server is rebooting automatically and periodically because of to less memory.

-> Whats going on? I'm no XEN-expert, but I think its the terrible network-construction.
-> How to setup this network correct?

Please, give me some links and hints. (For my memory-problem and a correct network-setup)

Thanks and greeting from Germany,

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