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Re: [Xen-users] Virtual network disconnect?

Hi Hardy,

Hardy Wolf schrieb:


I have a XEN 3.0.1 - Debian Sarge (Rootserver). There is a dom0 with connection to the internet (WAN-IP) and a domU with a local IP (192.168.x.y). The network is forwarded with iptables and script-nat. All works fine until someone downloads a big file (last test ~100 MB). Suddenly the connection is lost. By checking all circumstances I noticed that XEN is no longer able to send packets to the domU. The connection from virtual to the real network is broken.

How can I fix that?
Does anybody know that problem?

In XEN 2.0.7 I had that problem, too.

I think I have a similar setup with Xen 2.0.7, but not the same problem.

Just to make things clear:
a) in which direction does the download go (from domU to net, from net to domU, from dom0 to net, ....)? b) did you setup iptables manually or do you use something like shorewall for that?
c) what exactly is script-nat?
d) did you test if connection is reopened after some time (5 minutes, one hour, etc.)?


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