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[Xen-users] Vanderpool Hardware Question

Hi all!

I've used xen for a while and now I want to use this obscure Intel
technology called Vanderpool.

If is correct what I've heard and read then Xen 3.0 should virtualize
any x86 OS without modification. But if so I have some question...

A. Based on the information in the german Wikipedia
 ) I want to buy a Pentium D 920.

    Is this a "good" cpu for using Vanderpool with Xen?

B. If I obtain a Pentium D 920...

    Do I need a Mainboard with special chipset?

C. I know that I can't assign one ore more graphicadapters to a domU
with paravirtualisation. But...

    Is it possible to assign one ore more graphicadapters to one
guestmaschine in Xen 3.0 with a Vanderpool capable machine?

I hope the questions are clear enough. If not just ask...



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