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[Xen-users] Memory bound applications


we're using several test- and development-servers as virtual Xen-machines 
running on one host. Unfortunately our main application needs much memory. 
Its not a problem at a first view, because usually only very few instances 
are running at the same time. But if I understand Xen correctly, its only 
possible to distribute the physical memory of the machine, not the whole 
virtual memory of dom0. Let me give an example to explain my problem: 

The machine has 4GB of physical memory, the application needs about 1GB 
(mainly used as a kind of shared cache between the instances). Now I would 
like to have say 4 test and 4 development machines, thus using 8 doms. Would 
be easy to give dom0 just 4+x GB swap, and distribute the resulting 8GB on 
all machines. Yes I know, if all machines are running the whole system would 
be very busy swapping, but I'm fairly sure this case will be happen very 
seldom. But this seems to be not possible with Xen. It allows only to 
distribute the physical memory about the machines and ensures, that the sum 
of the domX-memory must not be larger than the available physical memory. In 
my case I can only create 3 doms at the same time. 

Is there something I'm missing? Any solution?


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