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Re: [Xen-users] Memory bound applications

On Thursday 20 April 2006 6:52 am, Taneli Leppä wrote:
> Hello,
> Why not just set up the swap in the guests?

or, give each domU 256MB-1GB, (variable with the baloon driver).   most of the 
domUs would have just 256MB and do lot of swapping, and one of them (the busy 
one) could get more real RAM (up to 1GB) to do its work.

that assumes, of course, that only one or two would be really busy at a time 
and you know in advance which one will be the busy one.

also, you say that most of the RAM used by your application is a 'shared cache 
between the instances'.  what if you create in dom0 a 1GB file in a 
RAM-backed filesystem (like tmpfs), use that as the VBD for all instances. 
then you could use that extra partition and mmap it on each application 

this would only work nice if that 'shared cache' is either read-only, or if 
there's another channel of communication to propagate changes.


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