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Re: [Xen-users] putting virtual domains into NFS mounts into turn mounted on DRBD devices.

    IMHO, there is not much I/O required for the domU to work and for
the applications to load from the binaries, so there is nothing wrong
with having the guest OS and application binaries on NFS (either using
NFS root or storing them in loopback containers).
    As for the rest of your question, I hope you are not going to store
your application data (web content, email accounts, etc.) within the
loopback containers. If not, this question is not really related to Xen,
it is simply a choice between using or not using NFS for the user data
and web content. And it does not really matter  whether or not you run
your applications on Xen at this point.

zHihaO wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm worried about this because we are going to be using these virtual
> servers for webhosting. Email and web traffic will be quite high and
> I'm afraid its gonna thrash the harddisk with the high disk i/o
> expected. And if the disk for storing the domUs are NFS exports..I'm
> not so sure if performance will be hit badly. comments anyone? or has
> anyone got a better suggestion??
> -zhihao
> Thorolf Godawa wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Has anyone ever put their domU into an NFS mount (which sits on top
>>> of a DRBD device) before? Will their be any performance issues if I
>>> were to do that? 
>> NFS yes, but without DRBD.
>> In a gigabit-net the performance was not a problem at all, I only had
>> problems with some very new PRO/1000-nics. I replaced them with older
>> PRO/1000-nics and everything ran fine from this point!
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