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Re: [Xen-users] VMWARE Player alternative

> Sort of like http://qemu.codemonkey.ws/screenshots/main-window.png
> I don't think Fabrice likes the idea of integrating a GTK GUI into QEmu
> though.  Exposing a proper VNC display could be a viable solution though
> (especially now that QEmu has a proper absolute mouse).

Actually, I thought he did like the idea of a GTK gui - ISTR him saying it'd 
be a good idea.  No idea how much integration he'd want, but has he not 
merged a Cocoa display layer already?

Using VNC seems a bit unfortunate when you're on the same system, although I 
guess it's not going to hurt the performance of the Cirrus VGA emulation that 
much and does give network transparency...

> Actually, there are other alternatives.  One could write a kernel module
> that implemented enough of the Xen hypercall interface such that you
> could run a Xen guest on a normal Linux kernel.
> Then it's just a matter of creating a GUI.

Mmmmm, yes.  I was thinking along the lines of something that could be 
implemented a bit more straightforwardly, but I certainly think the idea of a 
Xen kernel module deserves examination.

Some company has, in fact, already implemented what you describe.  But they 
reimplement Xen rather than porting it to run as a module.  Personally, I'd 
like to see Xen ported to the CoLinux framework, allowing it to run 
co-operatively as a module in both Windows and Linux (and maybe MacOS if one 
day they implement a CoLinux interface for Darwin).


> Regards,
> Anthony Liguori
> > There are lots of little tricks you can do to make the tools nice.
> > Scrapbook for UML allows you to click on a hyperlink to a running UML
> > virtual machine and have that VM appear with a virtual display on your
> > computer. This can be used (for instance) to demo software - click a
> > link on the vendor's homepage and get a virtual machine with the
> > product up and running. If you don't like it, just ditch that VM. If
> > you do, then install the software properly. Pretty neat, and there are
> > lots of possibilities too.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > mark
> >
> >> M.A. Williamson wrote:
> >>> QEmu (http://www.qemu.org)
> >>>
> >>> Or if you're on a PPC or Intel Mac, take a look at Q:
> >>> http://www.kberg.ch/q/
> >>>
> >>> (Q is basically a release of QEmu that's had a nifty Mac GUI put on it)
> >>>
> >>> QEmu has an optional binary-only accelerator module that will boost
> >>> the speed significantly but is closed-source (for now). There's an
> >>> open source accelerator for Qemu called QVM86 but it's less advanced.
> >>>
> >>> Cheers,
> >>> Mark
> >>>
> >>> On Apr 20 2006, Joe Lee wrote:
> >>>> Thought I post this question here: Is there an open source
> >>>> alternative to VMware Player. I know it's a free product BUT would
> >>>> like to know if there is any known other open source alternatives.
> >>>> Thanks in advance for your comments!
> >>>>
> >>>> Joe
> >>>>
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