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Re: [Xen-users] LVM snapshot and xen stability

I had this working fine with 3.0.1 and 2.6.12, but then ran into problems when moved (incl complete rebuild of DomU) to 2.6.16 and r1.
Often, the first snapshot would run fine.  Creation of further snapshot'd systems would cause the VG to lock up requiring reboot, and recreation of the entire VG.
After wasting too long on it, I have moved to normal LVs, and copy the template with # cat /dev/vg/template > /dev/vg/domUn && fscj /dev/vg/domUn
And like Ernst said, changes to the template are not propagated to already established snapshots.  In fact it may be precisely those changes that add to the instability.
I am (using Gentoo) sharing via NFS, the /usr/portage directory, which gives me about a 1G root filesystem (no GUI), so again, Ernst is correct, it's not a significant saving to be using snapshots.

On 21/04/2006, at 11:39 PM, Emiliano Gabrielli (aka AlberT) wrote:

Hi all,
  anybody has any info about stability of xen (3.0.2) configurations using 
LVM2 r/w snapshots as domUs' physical disks?

My intention is to test the possibility of having a template VM with a base 
distro only and a number of snap-domUs with the differences for mail server, 
web server and so on..

Any experiences, tip and so on ??

Tnx in advance
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