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[Xen-users] Difficulties inserting external modules in dom0 & using a serial port

Hello Xen users!

I have developed a kernel module for the X10 CM19A USB home automation controller. I attempted to install it under Xen 3.0 dom0 running on Linux 2.6.16, but received the following error upon executing a modprobe:

x10_cm19a: Unknown symbol force_evtchn_callback

I then attempted to embed my module within the kernel itself, to see if my makefiles were missing something. Unfortunately, that made no difference.

Then, I installed another external module (spca5xx) to see if this is a common problem among all external modules, but that module worked fine. Has anyone encountered this before?

As indicated in my subject line, I have one other problem. I need to use the serial port on my computer to read data from a digital multimeter (I wish they'd switch to USB), but can't insert the 8250 module:

FATAL: Error inserting 8250 (...): Device or resource busy

-- Michael

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