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[Xen-users] 'xm list' states


can someone explain the states shown by the 'xm list' command?

'r' (running) - The domain is currently running.
- This flag is always shown for the Domain 0, but never for
  unprivileged domains, why?

'b' (blocked) - The domain is blocked.
- What does that mean? Why should a domain be blocked?

'p' (paused) - The domain is paused.
- Ok, that one is easy, the domain was paused with 'xm pause'

'c' (crashed) - The domain has crashed.
- If i do 'echo 1 > /proc/balloon' inside a unprivileged domain, i
  will get a kernel panic. But the state says nothing about that? The
  domain is definitively crashed, but the xm list command says nothing
  about that. Why?

'd' (dying) - The domain is in the process of dying.
- Well, poor little domain, but what does that mean?

Maybe anybody here who can clearify the meanings of the state. The
manual page is not very helpful.

Many Thanks and greetings,
Timo Benk
PGP Public Key: http://vs241071.vserver.de/timo_benk_gpg_key.asc

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