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Re: [Xen-users] 'xm list' states

Petersson, Mats wrote:
Anthony added:
Petersson, Mats wrote:
'c' (crashed) - The domain has crashed.
- If i do 'echo 1 > /proc/balloon' inside a unprivileged domain, i
will get a kernel panic. But the state says nothing
about that? The
domain is definitively crashed, but the xm list command
says nothing
  about that. Why?
It may be that the crash isn't detected properly by hypervisor - I think this may only work under some circumstances. I don't know for sure, I'm just guessing here.
A crash is when the domain does something that it shouldn't supposed to do and the hypervisor has to kill it. I imagine that an OOM condition in the guest will invoke the normal shutdown routines which would explain why the state isn't crashed.

Thanks for the further explanations.
So the 'c' state is entereed when we call domain_crash_synchrnous() in
the hypervisor, right?

Yes, I should also add that libxc confuses things a bit by making the crashed state not appear to be the substate of shutdown (which it is). The kernel is able to crash itself by specifying SHUTDOWN_crash.


Anthony Liguori


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