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Re: [Xen-users] about migration betweendifferents architecture

>  > My first VMM use XEN 3.01 32bit on an x86 machine (athlon XP)
>  > My second VMM use Xen 3.01 for amd64 SMP on a sun v20z
> migrating between different platforms can work, but it depends how
> different the systems are and on the actual status the processor has at
> the moment of migration. If the source-system uses features that are not
> available on the destination, migration will fail!


>  > The VM use an standard ubuntu distribution (32bits, i386
>  > I am able to create the vm on each machine but i can't migrate
>  > (the destination VMM crash)
> I always thought that on a x86-64-system only 64 bit-domU's will work
> and on i386 only 32 bit. Is this not true anymore?

Right now it's still true.

So, folks, no migrating between 64 and 32 bit architectures.  It's naughty, 
yall hear?  ;-)


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