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Re: [Xen-users] VMX Extensions

Hey Thorolf,

Thanks for the info.. I think we'll be going with the 930's for our config.

I'll post back our benchmarks once we have them.


Thorolf Godawa wrote:

>I'm curious to see if anyone has any experience with these vs. standard
>P4 systems, or versus dual processor systems as well .   We're making
If you're using unmodified guest you have to get new hardware and the price for a dual-core is not much higher than for a single-core-system with a Pentium 4 with Intel-VT.

But mostly it depends on how many VMs you want to run on the server, but I would get always more than one CPU-core today!

>the purchases TODAY, and we're limited to Dell Hardware..
Personaly I don't like Dell-hardware at all, the ones I know where in comparison with the IBMs I knew really bad. But possibly I'll get a Dell-system with Intel-VT too, either a Dimension 9150 Superior Spezial or a Precision 380 Essential which both come with an Pentium D 930 and should be VT-compatible!

But these PCs are no servers, they are just for a cheap testing-system, if such a system should go for production I would get an IBM server with Xeon/VT or Opteron/Pacifica (which are both not yet available)!

>The choices on our table are:
>- Intel Dual Core P4 (Pentium D 930 2x2MB Cache, 800 FSB)
This will be my choice for a new system for prototyping that should support unmodified HVM-guests!

>- 2 x Xeon 2.8 2MB Cache 800 FSB
Xeons are not yet available with Intel-VT, the Bensley-systems should be available in at about one month!

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