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Re: [Xen-users] SUSE10.1 has a nice Xen Package again

Hi, Phil, thank you for making it clear about this matter!

 noniko wrote:

Unfortunately other option(installation from CD, using other booting
kernel, using existing image files or block devices usw, usw) were not
avaiable, but this SUSE is yet RC3. I'm looking forward very hot to the

I think that option is greyed because it will only work for VT/Pacifica
enabled CPUs. Generic OS installers from a CD or so will usually not
have Xen-enabled, paravirtualised kernel and need access to a BIOS.

So now it's clear, as for paravirtualization, I have only to think about the classical way of VM management. And when the day I would get VT machine comes, I would try full options of YaST VM manager.


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