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Re: [Xen-users] What Debian SDL package for SDL with/in Xen?

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 19:56, Henning Sprang wrote:
> > When I set "sdl=1" in the guest configuration file, and then
> > "xm start the-guest.cfg", to SDL window pops up.
> > When I use VNC, I can also connect. But I wonder why it doesnot work the
> > SDL way...
> What so you mean/expect?
> You say "an SDL window pops up", that sounds alllright, as long as you
> don't tell us what's wrong with it.

It _should_ pop up.
On my Debian installation, it does not.
May be am I missing something (a lib, or I dont know...)
On a default SuSe installation, it pops up, and I do want to use Debian on 
this box.

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