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Re: [Xen-users] status of hibernate/resume for dom0?

> i'd like to get xen working on my laptop but hibernate and resume are
> essential features for me as I move around a lot.  I use both acpi s3
> (suspend-to-ram) and in kernel implementations of suspend-to-disk --
> either swsusp or suspend2.  I know that a while back xen devs were
> working on getting these features to work with xen kernels.  Anyone
> know what the state of these efforts is?

I believe work is in progress - there are some Intel folks working on it.  You 
might find some posts from them in the mailing list archives.

You could also look at KVM (if you have hardware virtualisation support) or 
lguest/lhype.  Neither of them are *currently* as mature as Xen is, but 
running as a kernel module may enable suspend/resume etc. to Just Work 
(although I'm not exactly sure of the status of this).  KVM will be in 2.6.20


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