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[Xen-users] Re: Xen on Dell PowerEdge 2500 - Crashes after 0.1 seconds, no visible errors

Henning Sprang wrote:
On 2/3/07, Allen Brooker <allen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Below is the contents of /var/log/xend.log for the creation (and crash
and destruction) of the domU.

As far as my experience goes, xend.log is almost always useless to
help with finding problems (as long as you're nmot very deep into the
details of the python code).
What does xend-debug.log and xen-hotplug.log say?


Previously these files had been giving me no messages at all (so I had kind of stopped checking them), but...

It seems that my last set of changes actually got me further than I thought - The last time I changed my domU kernel (which was to use the config file from the xen livecd) I forgot to change the domU's config file (in /etc/xen) to point to the new kernel. I've now corrected this and for the first time on this machine I'm getting kernel output from the domU - granted it's not about to mount the root filesystem, but I suspect I can sort this out from here.

It's still both annoying and weird that previously I've been getting no kernel output at all and no messages to tell me why the domU has crashed after 0.1 seconds. If this happens again, is there anything I can do to try to find out what's going wrong?


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