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RE: [Xen-users] status of hibernate/resume for dom0?

>From: Matt Price
>Sent: 2007年2月2日 0:32

>i'd like to get xen working on my laptop but hibernate and resume are
>essential features for me as I move around a lot.  I use both acpi s3
>(suspend-to-ram) and in kernel implementations of suspend-to-disk --
>either swsusp or suspend2.  I know that a while back xen devs were
>working on getting these features to work with xen kernels.  Anyone
>know what the state of these efforts is?

We have basic support to Xen S3 (x86-32/PAE) in house, but patch 
still needs rebase and a bit cleanup. We'll send out for review soon 
once ready.


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