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RE: [Xen-users] xen bridged network config woes [repost w/apology]

> I spent some time on the phone with a tech a few days ago, trying to
> figure out if anything looked misconfigured to him, but he said my
> domU's /etc/interfaces and its xen config file looked fine to him. MAC
> addresses didn't come up in our conversation at all. However, they
> support Xen officially, and it may not have occurred to him to look
> that. I've put in an email, asking them about that.

It really shouldn't matter.  When you are getting ranges of IP's from
your ISP they shouldn't care weather or not the server behind it is a
xen box or a physical box.  

If ISP's start caring weather or not the server is a Xen box or not then
we're all in trouble.

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