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[Xen-users] Installing Guest Domain from an ISO

I'd like to use an ISO image to install a guest domain, but I'm having
some problems.  How do you boot from a CD?

Attached is my non-working config

Basically, I have a disk, sdb, that I have dedicated to guest domains. 
And, I can take apart the installation.iso if I need to, but I'm not
really sure where to start.

thanks in advance,



David Frascone

            To poldly bow air mobius gumby four: Trek on novocaine.

#  -*- mode: python; -*-
kernel = "/xen/vmlinuz-"
memory = 128
name = "dom1"
#vcpus = 1
disk = [ 'phy:/dev/sdb2,0x03,w','file:/xen/00-0e-0c-6c-49-db.iso,hdb:cdrom,r' ]
vif = [ 'bridge=bridge0' ]
root = "/dev/sdb2"

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